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Maple Nail Art Printer has a unique colour changing feature which allows you to change colours of preset designs from nail art gallery.

Our Printer has an open gallery feature. You can print your own pictures or desired logos.

Prints 5 nails/5 toes/3 flowers at a time.

Our Nail Art Printer has a unique feature of “Intelligent Identification” for curved nail surfaces and automatic correction. With this technology, pictures can automatically correspond to different nails, and be adjusted instantaneously according to true size and shape of each nail.

Maple Nail Art Printer can automatically count and save daily and monthly number of times of ink jet painting by different operators.

During the course of colour painting, there is a 1mm ~ 3mm clearance between the print head and nail surface, with no hidden troubles of safety.

Prints a single nail in about 15 seconds !!!

The patterns can retain for 10 - 20 days after top coating

Automatically places images and prints on Curved Nails

Maple S05 model only sell 650$ in China  it can paint 5 nails/5 toes/3 flower/1 apple/1 egg one time.You can also buy by PAYPAL.

How to buy please call 0086-513-88083808 or Contact us.Shipping cost to USA price is 280$.

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Color painting on 5 fingernails at one time, as well as on toenails, mobiles ,flowers and ornamental articles; intelligent identification (Computer should be purchased by user).

PC requirements:
CPU Intel Celeron
1KMHz, 256MB memory, above 10GB hard disk, two USB ports, one CD-ROM,
recommend English Windows XP system with sp2.

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